3 Ways to Enjoy Your Food

enjoy your food

What a way to enjoy your food. Why not contemplate the Tex Mex Fiesta Burger and enjoy it with friends


 3 Ways to Enjoy Your Food

Eating healthy does not mean mindlessly munching down of healthy foods. Why not listen to your body so as to treat it with the kind of respect it deserves. It is so easy to develop unhealthy eating habits. So if you are able to listen to your body and treat it with respect, you will be able to enjoy the so called healthy foods to the fullest. Please allow us to suggest three simple ways to enjoy your food:

1. Allow yourself to get hungry

Not starving, but allowing yourself to feel your stomach growl with hunger. Feeling hungry is not the worst form of feeling because it can allow you to enjoy your food to the fullest. However, when you are hungry, it does not mean that you munch anything that comes your way. Most people tend to eat frequently even when not hungry, and this kind of habit only interferes with how the body and food should relate.

2. Quit the Clean Plate Club

If you bring yourself to quit the so called Clean Plate Club, you will be able to enjoy your food. What if you allowed your body and not what is on the plate to tell you when to stop eating? If you find it unethical to throw away food when you are full, why not try a small serving?  Or why not think about putting the left over’s in the fridge?

3. Enjoy Your Food By Focusing On Your Food

Nowadays, it is common to find people eating while watching the television, using the computer, talking or doing other activities. After serving food on to your plate, why not sit down comfortably and enjoy your food without distraction?  Turn off the TV, computer, or quit the conversation and focus on the texture and flavor of your food.

There are so many ways to enjoy your food and these are just a few ideas.  These things are oh so easy to implement. Why not think of it as mindful eating?  Go on, give it a go?

So Please Enjoy Your Food But Why Not Consider What You Do Eat In A Day?

 Rachhloves shares her secrets of what she eats in a day and what she does to enjoy her food:

1.  Water it is a good idea to fill a good size stainless steel water bottle (around 600 ml) once or twice a day along with cups of tea

2.  Blueberries are a great food to enjoy with your breakfast

3.  For morning tea strawberries so you don’t fill up before lunch

4.  Lunch is usually leftovers and on this particular Wednesday Rachhloves enjoys pasta  and beef  sauteed in regular tomato sauce with a bunch of vegetables and drained of all the excess fat.  There is also rice pasta and spinach

5.  Around 3 o’clock it is either green tea or camomile with either an apple or sun butter with some honey which is a mix of Sun Butter mixed with some honey

6.  Home time is around 6 – 6.30 in the evening when dinner is enjoyed

7.  Supper includes a snack like watermelon

When you do enjoy your food you will probably will want to vary your food each day.  Sometimes chocolate chips are on the menu as Reahhloves is pretty much addicted to it but…She eats as healthy as she can and she encourages you to enjoy your food.  Mixing it up is good and sometimes she cleans her diet out just for a couple of weeks to clean her system and let her organs chill out for a bit.

Starvation is definitely not on the agenda and that is not promoted.  Moderation and eating as healthy as you possibly can using the 90/10 rule and drinking lots of water and tea and not drinking your calories is the key.  So while we invite you to enjoy your food, the team at This Is Why Youre Huge hope you find these tips from Rachhloves helpful.  If you would like to post what you eat in a day we’d love to hear from you.