Meatball Deathstar

Pork, veal, beef, wrapped round pasta, bacon and some veggies all rolled in ball and topped with meat sauce. Sitting on a bread roll with garlic sauce. 14,262 calories in total.

Veatloaf Sandwich

Veatloaf Sandwich (via Dude Foods)   A slice of veal, a chunk of homemade meatloaf, a fried egg, cheddar cheese and ¬†mayonnaise, all between two pieces of toasted wheat bread.  

The Maple

The Maple (via Meat Cheese Bread)   Two slices of maple-currant bread pudding loaded with savory sausage, chipotle cheddar cheese and fresh fennel.  

The Francesinha

The Francesinha (via Jnnylng)   Wet-cured ham, linguica, fresh sausage and steak between 2 pieces of bread covered in molten cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce served with french fries.  

Ultra Bacon Sandwich

Ultra Bacon Sandwich (via Ironlord)  

Sourdough Bread Crab

Sourdough Bread Crab (via Organic Pixel)  

Nutella & Carmelized Banana Sandwich

Nutella & Carmelized Banana Sandwich (via OMG Sexy Food)