American Meat Monster Whopper

American Meat Monster Whopper (via A Hamburger Today)   Two Whopper patties, two slices of cheese, three strips of bacon, and a Tendergrill Chicken patty with lettuce, onions and tomatoes.  

The Pizzurger

The Pizzurger  (via Da Rizza)   A double Whopper with a slice of pizza between each burger patty.  

8 By Burger King Whooper

8 By Burger King Whooper (via Big Lobe)  

Wu-Tang BK Chicken Sandwich

Wu-Tang BK Chicken Sandwich (via Brett W.)  

The Texican Whopper

The Texican Whopper (via A Hamburger Today)   Burger King Whopper topped with taco-coated chilli con carne, jalapeños, and Cajun mayonnaise.