The Sheboygan Burger

The Sheboygan Burger (via EatWICheese)   Beef patty, cheese Curds, Bratwurst, sautéed onions, beer mustard and sauerkraut on a Kaiser Roll.  

The Sheboygan

The Sheboygan (via The Cheese & Burger)   Beef patty topped with Wisconsin cheese curds, a split bratwurst, sautéed onions, beer mustard, and sauerkraut on a Kaiser roll.  

Breakfast Poutine

Over Easy Restaurant (By John Moors)

Triple Pork Poutine Fries

Triple Pork Poutine Fries (via Foodspotting subbed by NikeChik)   Cheese curds, gravy, chipotle pulled pork, italian sausage, and double smoked bacon.