Wings and Cheesy Bacon Fries!

The Super Bowl In Food

The Super Bowl In Food (via ESPN)   Pizza, chicken wings, popcorn, pretzels, tortilla chips, cheese, crackers and lots of candy.  

The Big O Sandwich

The Big O Sandwich (via Amanda L.)   Pulled pork, beef and boneless chicken wings, two layers of Provolone cheese on a hoagie roll, smothered in jalapenos, potato wedges and barbecue sauce, and topped it with an onion ring  

BBQ Special Platter

BBQ Special Platter (via Avlxyz)   Baby back ribs, chicken & meat shashliks, chicken wings, kebabs, continental sausages, chicken ribs, chicken schnitzel and lamb cutlets.  

Max’s Challenge

Max’s Challenge (via A&Z)   5lb turkey & pulled pork sandwich, ribs, wings, fries, beans, pickles, drink, & ice cream sandwich.  

The Fatty Challenge

The Fatty Challenge (via Fanatics Bar & Grill)   Three lbs of beef, cheese balls, hot wings, pork tenderloin and onion rings.  

Winged Platter

Winged Platter (via Alex W.)   6 pounds of chicken wings flavored in 4 sauces: buffalo hot, BBQ, lemon pepper, and garlic pepper.