The Burger Tower

The Burger Tower (via SuperSizedMeals)   6 1/4 lbs. beef patties, 10 slices of cheese, sautéed mushrooms & onions.  

Burger King Pizza Burger

Burger King Pizza Burger (via Sarah De Heer)   Four Whopper patties, slices of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese with marinara and “Tuscan sauce” on a giant sesame seed bun.  

Three Little Pigs Sandwich

Three Little Pigs Sandwich (via Denise S.)   A tempura-fried Kurobuta pork loin, Black Forest Ham, Kurobuta bacon, two over easy eggs and chipotle Ranch dressing.  

Double Bacon Down-a-Nator

Double Bacon Down-a-Nator (via Michael Brellisford)   Wendy’s Double Baconator with a KFC Double-Down.  

The Breakfast Cheeseburger

The Breakfast Cheeseburger (via Damn That Looks Good)   Bacon, fried eggs on a cheeseburger served with hashbrowns.  

Mac & Cheese and Lasagna Pizza

Mac & Cheese and Lasagna Pizza (via Jenelle and Jason)  

That Burger

That Burger (via That Bar)   4 Pounds of beef, cheese, bacon, fried onion strips and a grilled cheese sandwich in the middle.