Baconman’s Meathouse

Baconman’s Meathouse (via Epic Meal Time)  

Grant Hall Meat Monolith

Grant Hall Meat Monolith (via Epic Meal Time)   Cinnamon sugar coated bacon, bacon juice marshmallows, sausages, ham, pork tenderloin, scrambled eggs, hot dogs, deep-fried onions, French fries, Jack Daniels gravy, cheese sauce, bacon and more bacon.  

Epic Fast Food Lasagna

Epic Fast Food Lasagna (via Epic Meal Time)   Bacon “lasagna noodles”, Jack Daniels Meat sauce, 15 McDonald’s Big Macs, 15 Wendy’s Baconators, 15 A&W Teen Burgers (no veggies), onion rings, more bacon, cheese, 1 liter Big Mac sauce, more cheese and more bacon.  

Epic Meal Time: Kids Edition – Mac n’ Cheese Meat Lasagna

Epic Meal Time: Kids Edition – Mac n’ Cheese Meat Lasagna   I’m sure you’re familiar with Epic Meal Time and all their delicious, meat laden recipes. But have you seen the kids edition? Check out this 13,538 calorie meal made by a 10-year old and his little sister. What I wouldn’t give to have had […]

Cheesy Grilled Cheese Tower

Cheesy Grilled Cheese Tower (via Epic Meal Time)   12 double bacon gouda, havarti grilled cheese sandwiches double coated in Jägermeister-crushed cheesy puff beer batter and deep-fried, topped with cheesy sauce.  

32,711 Calorie Tequila Taco

32,711 Calorie Tequila Taco (via EpicMealTime)   Bacon, bacon, bacon, chicken, Tequila Guacamole, Patron Gold Salsa, meat, meat, meat, bell peppers, Patron, yellow rice, Tequila steak, tequila chicken, onions, more Patron, refried beans, lard, bacon bits, Velveeta cheese sauce and sour cream.  

The Sloppy Roethlisberger

The Sloppy Roethlisberger (via EpicMealTime)   100,000 calorie burger with 20 lbs of bacon, 13 lbs of ground beef and 11 lbs of sausage.