Fruit & Honey Crepe

Fruit & Honey Crepe (via Erik L.)  

Tawnya’s “McIsley” Chicken Biscuit Sandwich

Tawnya’s “McIsley” Chicken Biscuit Sandwich (via Cam Knows)   Buttermilk biscuit, a piece of fried chicken with pickles, mustard, and honey.  

Honey & Sugar Drenched Sopapillas

Honey & Sugar Drenched Sopapillas (via Scenic Painting)  

Honey Toast with Vanilla Ice Cream

Honey Toast with Vanilla Ice Cream (via CarbZombie)  

Decadent Lemon Honey Cheesecake

Decadent Lemon Honey Cheesecake (via Janet)   Lemon honey cheesecake with blueberry & apricot compote, and candied lemon slices.