Bacon On The Outside Omelet

Bacon On The Outside Omelet (via Jesse Avina)   Chorizo, cheese, and pepper filled omelet cooked on top of whole bacon strips   Hushpuppy Surprise— Keilbasa meatballs stuffed with cheese and jalepeno and then encased in mashed potatoes, battered, and deep fried. All with a side creamy gravy.  

Ham & Cheese Omelet

Ham & Cheese Omelet (via Johnie’s Jr. Burgers)

12 Egg Omelet Challenge

12 Egg Omelet Challenge (via Amigos Mexican Restaurant)  

IHOP at Home

IHOP at Home (via Eater)   French Toast Stuffed Pastries (strawberry cream cheese, cinnamon apple or cream cheese), Omelet Crispers (bacon, sausage, or cheese) and Griddle ‘n Sausage Wraps (breakfast sausage stuffed inside “maple syrup-tinged pancake batter”).