Meat Salad

Meat Salad (via Epic Meal Time)   A 28,031calorie bowl of meat, meat and meat with a bacon-beer dressing. Steak as lettuce, spicy pepperoni as carrots, meatballs as radishes, sausages as cucumbers, pork croutons, drunk bacon, bacon and bacon.  

Pepperoni Pretzel Pizza

Pepperoni Pretzel Pizza (via I Need Text)  

Chocolate Covered Pepperoni

Chocolate Covered Pepperoni (via Becky M.)  

Lasagna a la Rollo

Lasagna a la Rollo (via Food To Us)   Lasagna noodles, cream cheese, roasted garlic, pasta sauce, pepperoni and Parmesan cheese.  

Grilled Cheese Pepperoni Pizza

Grilled Cheese Pepperoni Pizza (via Tony S.)  

Inception Pizza

Inception Pizza (via cwckc7)   Meat lovers pizza topped with 4 Red Baron’s sausage pizzas, each topped with four pepperoni Bagel Bites topped with Pizza Rolls.  

Cheese Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza

Cheese Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza (via Talking Heads)