The Stephen Strausburger

The Stephen Strausburger (from BGR in Philadelphia)   Burger topped with aged Vermont Cheddar cheese, hot dog &14 pickles (1 for each of Stephen Strasburg’s strikeouts in his MLB debut)   A hot dog atop a burger smothered in aged Vermont cheddar…the hot dog, symbolizing his professional debut on the Phoenix Desert Dogs in 2009, […]

Apple Fritter Loin

Apple Fritter Loin (via FoodBeast)   Two fresh apple fritters for the bun, a deep fried pork tenderloin, a bit of mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickles.  

The Over Embellished BLT

The Over Embellished BLT (via Pink Sherbet)   Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes with mayo, pickles, squeeze cheese, doritos and ham.  

Pastrami Chili Fries Monster

Pastrami Chili Fries Monster (via Oh So Fat)   Pastrami, chili, cheese, french fries, tomatoes, onions, and pickles.  

McFatty Melt Burger

McFatty Melt Burger (via A Hamburger Today)   Two beef patties, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions, special sauce between three layers of grilled cheese sandwiches.  

Crispy Pork Sandwich

Crispy Pork Sandwich (via Bark)   Crispy fried pork chop, cole slaw and pickles.  

The Beast burger

The Beast burger challenge (Via I bet you won’t Food challenges)