Ditch Dog

Ditch Dog (via AlwaysHungryNY)   Hot dog topped with a Gruyère/American/Parmesan mac ‘n cheese blend. From Ditch Plains’ in New York, NY.  

Tides Dog

Tides Dog (via patrickevanshylton)  

The Tiger Homewrecker Hotdog

The Tiger Homewrecker Hotdog (via Somewhere in Augusta)   A 12″ all beef Nathan’s hot dog stuffed with cheese, wrapped with bacon, and deep fried topped with onions, chili and cheese.  

The Pastrami Burger

The Pastrami Burger (via Kajais250)   Beef burger, Pastrami,  pickles, jalapeno’s, mustard and fried egg.  

Pat’s Cheesestreak Wit

Pat’s Cheesestreak Wit (via My Inner Fatty)  

Heath Crunch Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich

Heath Crunch Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich (via Acid Cow)  

Monkey Love Pancakes

Monkey Love Pancakes (via Author Erica Rivera)   Chocolate chocolate chip banana pancakes topped with strawberries and whipped cream.