Baconman’s Meathouse

Baconman’s Meathouse (via Epic Meal Time)  

Grant Hall Meat Monolith

Grant Hall Meat Monolith (via Epic Meal Time)   Cinnamon sugar coated bacon, bacon juice marshmallows, sausages, ham, pork tenderloin, scrambled eggs, hot dogs, deep-fried onions, French fries, Jack Daniels gravy, cheese sauce, bacon and more bacon.  

Epic Meal Time: Kids Edition – Mac n’ Cheese Meat Lasagna

Epic Meal Time: Kids Edition – Mac n’ Cheese Meat Lasagna   I’m sure you’re familiar with Epic Meal Time and all their delicious, meat laden recipes. But have you seen the kids edition? Check out this 13,538 calorie meal made by a 10-year old and his little sister. What I wouldn’t give to have had […]

32,711 Calorie Tequila Taco

32,711 Calorie Tequila Taco (via EpicMealTime)   Bacon, bacon, bacon, chicken, Tequila Guacamole, Patron Gold Salsa, meat, meat, meat, bell peppers, Patron, yellow rice, Tequila steak, tequila chicken, onions, more Patron, refried beans, lard, bacon bits, Velveeta cheese sauce and sour cream.  

The Black Legend

The Black Legend (via Epic Meal Time)   A 19,177 calorie crepe (6 eggs, 2 cups Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Syrup and a Half cup butter) topped with with Super May West, Super Jos Louis, Ah Caramel, Strawberry Passion Flakey, Chocolate McCain Cake, 2 Apple Pies, Cinnamon Twists, 6 Chips Ahoy Cookies, 3 Croquettes, 3 McFlurrys, 3 […]

The Breakfast of Booze

Waffles, pancakes, bacon, bacon and more bacon with loads and loads of Jack Daniels. What’s not to like? Another great video from EpicMealTime.   Candied bacon, ham, wrapped in bacon, deep-fried beer-battered steak, cream cheese sausage stuffed jalapeños deep-fried in beer batter, hash brown balls, bacon Bailey’s whippped cream, bacon cream cheese French toast dumplings, cheese sticks […]

The TurBaconEpic: Pig Stuffed with Five Birds

Clocking in at 70,046 calories is the TurBaconEpic from EpicMealTime. It’s a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig, with bacon-croissant stuffing and a crap load of bacon for good measure. It’s also garnished with Baconators.