Easy Party Food Ideas

Cheap Easy Party Food Ideas

Are you about to throw a party? If so, you probably want some easy party food ideas to please your guests. It can be difficult to think of party food, especially cheap party food ideas. That’s why; we’ve decided to bring you some of the best easy party food ideas, so you can get your party together in the least amount of time possible.

easy party food ideas


13 Easy Party Food Ideas Recipes

The best easy party food ideas include appetizers. They are easy to eat as you mingle with people at the party, and most importantly, they are easy to make. Here are a few easy party food ideas so you can get the food planning out of the way quickly.

  • Meatballs in sauce

Get a package of frozen meatballs, throw them in a crock pot, top with lots of marinara, turn crock pot on high, and you are all set.

  • Tiny Tacos

Make a huge batch of taco beef with hamburger meat and taco seasoning. Scoop the taco meat into mini taco shells, and arrange on a plate.

  • Herby Bacon and Apply Toast

Apply chutney, bacon, and fennel on top of mini pieces of toast is an excellent appetizer to make, and serve. It’s both sweet and salty, which is what everyone loves to eat.

  • Chorizo in Red Wine

Cut up some chorizo, cook it in wine and garlic. It’s juicy, and flavorful.

  • Mini Cheeseburgers

Cook up some mini hamburgers on the grill or pan-fried. Place them on mini buns and cheese. Have some condiments available for your guests.

  • Salad

Throw together the lettuce, veggies and your favorite salad dressing together. This is not only quick, it’s easy and a cheap party food idea.

  • Wieners on Buns

If you can find the mini buns that some grocery stores sell, you can get some tiny wieners to serve with them.

  • Chicken Wings

Making chicken wings is easy. You can either fry them or bake them in the oven. Either way, pop them in, give it time to cook, and then take it out. Easy.

  • Cupcakes

People love cupcakes because they are just the right size so you don’t overeat. Use different frostings, so everyone can find one they like.

  • Cookies

This is another dessert party idea that people love, because they can eat only one.

  • Fruit Skewers

Get some cantaloupe, strawberries, honeydew and some other fruits to place on wooden skews.

  • Steak Skewers

Grill some steak, place small pieces on skewers, and have some barbecue as a side.

  • Cheese Quesadilla

This is one of the easy party food ideas that you can make up on your own. Get some cheese, and whatever else you would like, and place it in quesadillas. Brown each side until the cheese melts. Cut into triangles.

How to Come Up with More Easy Party Food Ideas

There are hundreds of different recipes for easy party food ideas. If you want some more, consider asking friends for what they do, or what they have seen done at some of the parties they have been to lately.


One way finding more easy recipes if to join us with Nigella Lawson where the question is also pondered:

Are you worried about the stress of entertaining?

Well worry no more and join us on today’s kitchen with Nigella Lawson who talks about:

Easy Party Food Ideas

Nigella has recipes to dazzle your guests and gives you time to kick up your feet.

Now Nigella has gorgeous sumptuous treats here for your guests.  But very simple and that’s the key element because a lot of people get stressed out whenever they have to entertain.  Nigella makes it easy for us.

As Nigella says herself, “as cooking as in writing you have to please yourself to please others.”

Nigella also says when she makes guacamole she doesn’t use, “regular onions, I use scallions cause then, in a sense, you don’t want onion breath everywhere.”

Nigella also goes on to say, “scallions don’t seem to give you onion breath, but you don’t want to go around kissing people either.”

Nigella also doesn’t like tomato in guacamole either ‘cause it interferes with that green purity.  People also don’t eat now when they’re at a party, they eat when they eat and tomato makes the guacamole watery.  It gives off too much liquid.

So let’s make Guacamole step by step with Nigella as one of her easy party food ideas

What you need to do is to pick good nice soft avocados (not squidgy when you feel them).  So…



1 ripe avocado peeled and placed in a bowl

Scallions or green onions cut the green section of the onion

A pinch of salt, you’ll need enough for the salt to splash all over

1 cup Lime approximately but you won’t need all of it otherwise you’ll strip off all of the salt

1 bunch of Cilantro (coriander) chopped finely.  Please note if you use a mezzaluna use it with both hands and rock from side to side.




  • Put a bit of lime on the avocados
  • Put scallions or green onions in but not too much
  • Mash avocado in the bowl with a fork or use your hands.  Mash it just a little. But you need the avocado a little bit chunky
  • Throw in a little cilantro
  • Then place the avocado in a serving bowl
  • Garnish with cilantro
  • Place on a serving tray with fresh salad vegetables

Other Easy Party Food Ideas

Griddled/Grilled Egg Plant and Chillies

Use whatever implement you have to use.  And the joy of this is you can griddle these two days ahead


Large/globe egg plant thinly sliced

Feta cheese

Chopped mint

Chilli, de seeded if you don’t want a lot of heat

Use parsley if you don’t

A little oil to brush the egg plant but don’t use too much or the egg plant soaks it up and it ends up fatty


  • To cut the eggplants effectively you need quite a big knife that will hold the eggplant in position as you’re cutting.  Some will be thick some will be thin as you’re hand cutting
  • Grill two days in advance and place on brown paper
  • Lay flat on a surface then at the large part/base of the egg plant slice
  • Mix a bit of feta
  • Chopped mint
  • Chilli, parsley or a mixture of herbs
  • Roll each eggplant slice up which make them really easy to eat
  • Place on a serving plate and place with charred red peppers and prepare as with the egg plant

Easy Party Food Ideas Appetizers!

Paper Summer Rolls



Buy the rice paper

Rice noodles



Dipping sauce


  • Soak rice paper in water
  • Soak rice noodles in water
  • Mix with cilantro and scallions.  Same ingredients, same sort of pantry so you’re not running out all the time to buy masses of stuff.
  • Place on a board with dip
  • Garnish and serve

Frozen Peas and Garlic


Frozen peas

Fresh garlic

Grilled peppers

Bread for toasting


  • Put cooked peas in food processor or blender
  • Put cooked garlic in food processor or blender
  • Spread each processed ingredient onto toast
  • Garnish with red peppers
  • Place on serving dish

You can also search the Internet, because there are millions of different ideas. Always try out the recipes before the big day of the party though; you don’t want to end up serving something that isn’t quite as tasty as you though it would be.

You can also find some more easy party food ideas by going to the library or bookstore to look over some recipes cooks. They always have many different types of recipes, and some of them are perfect for entertaining.  But why not try some of Nigella’s recipes, plate up and enjoy your food and your guests?

Thanks again for coming over.

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