For the Love of Food

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For the love of food – Ricotta and Sweet Onion


For the Love of Food

For the love of food…This is why we bring you our TIWYH website.  While you may love certain foods, you may equally not have interest in others. Why is that do you think?  Just like any other fantasy, experts suggest there are several reasons why our love of food or for the love of food differs. It would appear the reason does not involve our taste buds. Every person is unique, but what makes us equal is that most of us love either sweet or delicious foods.

However we should not develop unhealthy eating habits simply for the love of food.  Perhaps we should consider eating is an art that involves a keen selection of nutritious foods, methods of preparing and serving them?

How Is Our Love Of Food Determined?

While it is true our love of food may be determined by our genes, gender, and culture, how we perceive and experience the texture of the food, varies from one person to the other.   Scientists believe our receptor genes play a role which may actually explain why we experience bitter flavors differently…Fascinating!

And what if we considered our gender?  While it is believed most men are known to crave salty foods, it is thought a lot of women would reach for sweets. This would explain why a lot of women crave sweet things while watching chocolate commercials on TV.

Food textures can also determine how we love our food.  And while scientists cannot explain why some people enjoy different foods, one thing is certain; most people have a love of food.  Most of us love going to restaurants and enjoying our food in the company of friends.  And we have to admit, this is definitely one of our most favoriteist past times.

Let’s Celebrate Our Love Of Food

So please enjoy our TIWYH website with all the great eye candy for you to enjoy.  But above all, let’s share in, and celebrate, our love of food, for the love of food.

But wait…Why not get an early start when you love your food?   Or as little Kahlia in the video below believes…It’s food, glorious food!


As we all know, being introduced to food, which is one of life’s best pleasures, can be an experience to say the least.  Particularly when you are little Kahlia’s age and your Mom and Dad begin offering you all kinds of foods.  Of course when you’re under 12 months old your food is soft and it slides down easily – which is great ’cause at that age your teeth are literally few and far between

But Kahlia’s Mom and Dad offer her a wide variety of food.  And this is how we thought food offered to her rated on the:

Kahlia Ember Food Factor Scale

  1. Peas which we reckon they rate about a 1/10 given they are spat out immediately
  2. Ice cream gets a 9 even ‘though it was awful cold
  3. Carrots don’t taste real good after ice cream but she enjoyed them anyway 4/10
  4. Pear was a real winner.  Smiles and excitement abounded 10
  5. Squash was a bit of a concern.  A furrowed forehead and contemplation looked to be the order of the day 3/10
  6. Peaches well, every little bit had to be eaten.  They were all together yummy 9/10
  7. After peaches Kahlia didn’t think Green beans were too flash at all 2/10.  And she even gave a helping hand to put them into her mouth and finally:
  8. Bananas – well…She just couldn’t get enough of those 10/10

Although Greg and Alexis Ember have a take it or leave it policy in their household little Kahlia is simply a superstar.  It would seem she really will try everything offered to her which isn’t always the case with babies.  How many of us new Moms and Dads have tried for hours to entice our babies to eat just anything!  Meanwhile little Kahlia Ember will eat most things.

So hats off to you Greg and Alexis you really do have a gorgeous little girl and we wish you well with little Kahlia.

All the best

The This Is Why Youre Huge Team.