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Are you Ready to Learn How to Bake a Chicken?

Chicken is a stable in almost everyone’s diet. Being able to cook it in a variety of ways is important, so that you don’t get too bored of the same, old chicken recipes. In this article, learn some new ways to bake chicken that you might not have tried before.

How to Bake a Chicken

Baking a chicken is pretty easy. You simply place it on a baking sheet, casserole dish, or any other type of oven safe container. Heat the chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees Farenheit. This will give you a baked chicken that doesn’t have much flavor.

Recipe for Baking a Chicken

Now that you know how to bake a chicken, you’ll likely want to know some ways to flavor it. To give your chicken flavor, you must add something to either the outside of the chicken or in the chicken. Some people will coat their chicken with butter and herbs. Depending on the herbs you use, the chicken will turn out golden brown with a tasteful herby flavor.

Another idea is to marinade the chicken. This is placing the chicken in a bag and pouring in a liquid flavoring in the bag with the chicken. Letting the chicken sit in the liquid for hours in the fridge will lead to the chicken soaking up the scent and flavor what you poured in the bag.

If you look for recipes online, you’ll likely see that some people place a can of beer inside of their chicken. While in the oven, the beer begins to boil and the steam from it cooks into the chicken, which gives it flavor. There is a special chicken holder for this, which holds the can exactly where it needs to be. If you do a search for it online, you’re likely find it easily.

Filling a whole chicken with stuffing will also give it flavor. You’ll get the flavor of the herbs in the stuffing mostly. If the stuffing is chicken, pork, or turkey flavor, it will just enhance the natural chicken taste.

You can also use your favorite barbeque sauce on your chicken. Slather some of the sauce on the entire chicken and some inside of it, if you want extra flavor. When the chicken has five minutes left of baking time, take it out of the oven and brush on some more barbeque sauce. Place the chicken back in the oven. This will give it a nice glaze over the chicken that will not only taste good, but will also look good.

Another way to flavor your chicken is by tenting it with vegetables. When you place the chicken into an enclosed aluminum foil with vegetables along the bottom, the veggies will cook and release its flavors into the chicken. You’ll end up with not only moist chicken, but also one with a light flavor that goes well with cooked rice or mashed potatoes.

How to Bake a Chicken Safely

Whenever you are baking chicken, it’s important to follow some basic safety procedures. Wash your hands before and after you handle the raw chicken. If you don’t, cross-contamination can become a problem.

It’s also important that when you bake the chicken that you cook it until the recommended internal temperature. If you under cook the chicken, it increases the risk of suffering from food-borne illness. This can cause food poisoning that could lead to hospitalization if  it’s bad enough.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when baking chicken. Clean your hands and work space regularly, keep raw chicken from other foods, and keep it chilled until cooking it, and cook it thoroughly.

Use a Recipe for Baking a Chicken

Now that you have some ideas on how to bake a chicken, and you know how to bake it safely, head to the store to find all of the ingredients you need to make your family a tasty, nutritious meal. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors because you may just find something that tastes better than anyone has ever made, which would make you a chicken baker pro.

Speaking of how to bake a chicken please enjoy this Working Class Foodies video who will show you how.

These guys use more of a method rather than a recipe so why don’t we all go and watch and learn how to bake or roast a chicken?

When I roast a chicken I like to take a page out of Thomas Keller’s book Ad Hoc at Home and keep it as simple as possible.

How to Bake a Chicken


1 whole chicken

Salt and pepper

Fresh herbs (I like to use twigs of thyme)

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Farenheit.

1 roasting pan

That’s all I need to make my roast chicken delicious. Roast chicken is a great recipe for beginners it’s simple and approachable and actually really hard to screw up. So if you’ve never made a roast chicken before what are you waiting for?  The most important thing when shopping for your chicken is make sure that it’s a good size.

Basically you want a great looking chicken.


To roast a chicken the first thing you have to do is put it on the counter until it reaches room temperature. Then remove anything that’s inside the cavity of the chicken.

Usually a little piece of a neck, usually some gizzards then set those aside. And later on this episode we’ll go over how you can make these parts into a delicious chicken stock. Rinse off your chicken inside and out and pat it down dry.  We want it to be very, very dry.  Pat out the wing cavity, arm pit joints, between the thigh and the hip.

Then preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.  Place your chicken, breast side up on a roasting rack and a roasting pan and season your chicken with a good dose of salt and a little bit of fresh cracked black pepper.  And stuff it with some fresh herbs.  I like to use thyme.

To truss the chicken bring your length of twine under the chickens back.  Bring the twine over the backs of the drum sticks and loop it like a figure 8 around the ends of the drums sticks, pull the strings tight then bring the drum sticks ends together.  They over lap a little bit over the cavity and then tie them down.  Snip off the ends.

Tuck the wing tips under the shoulders. So the chicken’s doing kinda one of these.  Then sprinkle a generous amount of course sea salt all over the chicken skin. Following with a little bit of fresh black pepper then roast for 30 minutes.  While the chickens in the oven we’ll take a little break.

So our chicken has been in the oven roasting for about 30 minutes at 375 degrees.  I’m going to take it out and flip it over so the skin on the back of the chicken can get a little crispy too. The back side of the chicken is going to roast for 20 minutes.  In the mean time I’m going to start making my sides.

I like to keep par boiled potatoes in the fridge so that I can grab them and cook them up whenever I want in a side dish.  So I quarter them then put them in a pan with hot oil and smashed whole garlic cloves.  I season my potatoes with salt, pepper, thyme then I can roast my potatoes until they are brown and crispy.

After twenty minutes I’ve roasted the back of my chicken, then re flipped it over to re crisp the skin on the breast.  You know your chicken is done roasting when you remove it and the juices run clear.  Twenty more minutes of letting the breast side of the chicken roast and my juices were running clear.

Remove the chicken to a cutting board and let the chicken rest.  Don’t cover it with tin foil.  All you’ll do is get the skin soggy and lose the crispness that you have.  The best compliment for a good roast chicken is the delicious pan juice.  My favorite pan juice right now uses a lot of mustard.  Pour off the excess grease in the chicken and don’t pour down the drain.

Now the all important next step when you learn how to bake a chicken…Mustard Juice!

2 teaspoons of McClure’s Mustard (this is my new favorite mustard) or whatever mustard you prefer.  It’ll be fine.

I put mine into an old metal can until it gets too full and then throw it out.  Take your roasting pan over two burners over medium heat and then de glaze the pan.  Before you pour liquid over the pan and then you’ll pick up the crispy bits of chicken or whatever fell to the bottom when roasting.

You can de glaze the chicken stock with chicken stock or wine or beer.  But I just use water to de glaze.  Its fine, it tastes just as good.  Then I added in two teaspoons of mustard.  Cook until combined.

Carving the chicken is what people find the most daunting when you learn how to bake a chicken. It’s really not that hard.

Separate the thigh and the drum stick.  Just pull the thigh gently and you’ll see where the thigh meets the hip.  Just carve through the thigh very gently.  There you go.  You now have a  thigh and drumstick.

To carve off the breast cut all the way down one side of the sternum, all the way down to the rib cage.  And then carve along the rib cage and then just carve through the shoulder joint and that’s it you’ve got a French breast of chicken.

I serve my chicken with a side of garlic roast potatoes and a simple side salad, and of course a healthy dose of my mustard juice.  I love the parsons nose or the tail nub.

What I find best about this method is skin gets crispy and the white meat and the dark meat cook evenly.  So you don’t end up with over cooked white meat and raw drum sticks.  Everything is even so everybody gets a great piece of chicken.

The key is to use a generous amount of salt and the salt the fat and the dry heat of the oven do all the work for you.  Chop the rest of the carcass up, put it in a container and put it in the freezer.  So the total price for a roast chicken with mustard juice, garlic roasted potatoes and a simple side salad is around sixteen dollars and fifty cents and that fed four people.

That brings the total price down to four dollars and thirteen cents a person.

That’s it for now on how to bake a chicken.  So all that’s left to to do is to please enjoy!


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