Loaded Baked Potato

loaded baked potato

Loaded baked potato is irresistibly delicious, especially when loaded with a mixture of mouth watering ingredients


Loaded Baked Potato

Loaded baked potato is irresistibly delicious, especially when loaded with a mixture of mouth watering ingredients like broccoli florets, cheddar cheese, lean ground beef and low-fat sour cream. When served with a tossed salad, they make a healthy, hearty meal that leaves you craving for more.

Potatoes are rich in potassium, Vitamin C, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, and trace amounts of folate, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin, thiamin, and zinc. However, looking at the nutritional value of a loaded baked potato, you will be surprised to find out how much calories you take per serving.

Have You Thought About The Ingredients in a Loaded Baked Potato?

Anyone loves baked potatoes, but when combined with certain ingredients, they can lead to weight gain. In a single serving, loaded baked potatoes contain about 664.6g of calories, 97.5mg cholesterol, and 1509.2mg sodium. These numbers are pretty big so have you thought about the effects these yummies might have on your body?  Maybe tiwyh?

Your heart deserves the best, so does the rest of your body. Although we are all foodies at heart, why not think about eating smaller portions. If you are served a huge loaded baked potato, why not share with a buddy?  Not only will you feel better but you’ll also have a lot of fun too.

But In The Meantime Learn How To Make The Perfect Loaded Baked Potato

Loaded Baked Potato Ingredients

This recipe will be enough to make more than one large loaded baked potato.  More than likely two.

2 Large potatoes (ensure they are equal in size)

1/2 stick of butter (or margarine if preferred)

1/2 cup of  sour cream (perhaps think about low fat)

1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese

1/4 cup snipped green onions (shallots)

Cooking oil in a can

Aluminum foil – enough to cover the potaotes

Loaded Baked Potato Method

1. Get a good size potato, probably a large size and if you have more than one make sure they are even in size

2. Then get some aluminum foil enough to cover the potato and then get some cooking spray.  It doesn’t really matter what type, Betty uses canola oil in this demonstration.  Spray the p0tato while sitting on the aluminum foil

3.  Salt it with sea salt and grind it a little bit on the top then turn it over and grind it on the bottom.  Now the potato is wrapped and placed diagonally so that it can be covered by wrapping it by rolling the potato in the aluminum foil and then tuck the ends under.  So that you have a package which is very neat

4.  Then you place it in a 400 degree preheated oven

5. While the potato is cooking make  the topping and then get the potato out of the oven

6. Get a small bowl and get one half stick of butter, you can use margarine if you prefer but Betty has chosen to use butter at room temperature.  It’s a little messy but take off the wrapper and get rid of it.  If the butter is too hard it hasn’t had enough time to come to room temperature.  So once the butter has come to room temperature get a fork and mash it up.  So that’s the beginning of the loaded baked potato with one half stick of butter

7. Then next you will need some sour cream, its a good idea to have some measured out, but what you’ll need is one quarter cup.  Perhaps consider using fat free sour cream which is what Betty has used in the demonstration.  Or just use regular sour cream.  Then, add one half cup of the sour cream to the butter

8. And then the next thing you have is sharp cheddar cheese which has been measured out to one cup.  Then add it to the mixture.  Next you’ll need some snipped green onions.  Get your kitchen shears and just snip the ends once you’ve washed it and dried it.  What you’ll need it one quarter cup

9. Wait to mix the green onions together with the other ingredients as they have the tendency to mash and come apart and not be as nice looking as it should.  So just use a spoon and mix the butter, sour cream and cheese together and you’ll see it making a mixture that looks very cheesy. And then when you get it mixed together put in the onions and mix them along with the other ingredients.

10. The onions won’t get too much of a beating if you put them in at this point and the mixture will have a very desirable look.   And that’s what we’re going to use to top our baked potato with.  So go over to the oven and using a pot holder take the potato out, put it on a surface that won’t burn your bench top, be careful with the steam coming out and burning.

11. Take the pot holder and transfer it over to a serving dish and you might want to take the pot holder and stretch it a little bit and it should be soft.  If it’s not soft, it’s not done.  The potato has been cooking for one hour and fifteen minutes at 400 degrees and it appears to be just right.

12. At this point just get a fork and open it all up.  Just come down in a line press on both ends, but be careful the potato will be still pretty hot.  So press using pot holders then just open it out so then you’ll have a nice hot baked potato.  Then get your topping that contains butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese and green onions and then you put what you think you’ll like and this will melt down.

These ingredients will be enough for more than one loaded baked potato.  This recipe will more than likely make two.   so scape what’s on your spoon onto the potato so you’ll end up with the perfect loaded baked potato.   Thanks Betty that looks so yummy!  We know we’ll be giving this loaded baked potato recipe a whirl…Fat free of course.